Guide Porter Hiring in Nepal

Guide Porter Hiring in Nepal

For the guides and porters trekking is the major income generating sources. If you are hiring a guide or porter, you are empowering the local people and value the Nepali culture, you are supporting a hardworking Nepalese family with an income and as well as you are making bond as a friend in local place. It is a matured decision and especial experience trekking with a local guide/ porter who is well known in the local culture, directions, festival and all other possible issues in the trip. The experienced and even new trekkers can go alone for trekking without a Nepalese guide, but could you handle all the situation like what to do in the major storm, if you want to know about local people’s life style and want to share your ideas with them or if you have some serious problem and you want immediate solution, We think that you need a translator or guide who can understand the local language. For these kinds of serious issues, guide and porter are really essential. Doing trekking in the zero visibility, cold temperature and reach and stay above the 5000m might be complicated. Also, for the rechecking and correcting your trekking permits as required by Nepal Tourism Act, and be culturally aware, you better hire a local guide porter for trek in Nepal.

We provide guide porter hiring service for trekking and hiking holidays in Nepal. If you are planning to do trek in Nepal on your own arrangement and looking for only hiring guide porter, we are here for you to help. We have group of experienced and well trained guide and porters. They are very friendly, helpful and understanding too. Some of the reasons for why you should hire your guide and porter with us are mentioned below.

Why you should hire our guide and porters?

- Government license holder trekking/tours guide.

- Excellent knowledge about First Aid, Eco tourism, and Altitude Sickness.

- Excellent English speaking trekking guide.

- Well known about Nepali tradition, culture, religion.

- Well known about how to manage the trip and always considerate about clients needs.

- Porters will carry your luggage in a safe and secure.

- All of our porters are honest, fun loving and well known about all trekking region. Guide Porter Hiring in Nepal

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  • Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN)
  • Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP)

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