Water Sports in Nepal

Water Sports in Nepal

Nepal offers different kinds of water sports activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning and more. We are here to organize and assist you to plan your holiday in Nepal. If you are interested in doing Canyoning, Kayaking and Rafting in the world’s second richest country in water source, Nepal is the perfect destination for you.

Rafting, Canyoning and Kayaking in Nepal:

Nepal is the second richest country in water source in the world in terms of land and water ratio. Nepal has numerous rivers and rivulets, lakes and water sources which offers adventure sports activities such as rafting, Kayaking and Canyoning. Nepal is rich having fresh waterfalls, deep gorges which are perfect hidden paradise for water thrill seekers. Canyoning in the deep gorges has being popular for many people who love adventure and water thrill seekers. Rafting in the rivers such as Trishuli, Kali Gandaki, Bhote Koshi, Marsyangdhi, Karnali, Sun Koshi are pure joyous and fun.

Nepal is popular for white water rafting. Trishuli River Rafting which is grade 3 rafting is the most popular one in Nepal. Not only rafting but tourists can go for Kayaking as well in these rivers. Kayakiing can be done in the lakes of Nepal as well such as Fewa Lake, Begnas lake, Rupa lake.

The diverse terrain of Nepal makes it possible for having many waterfalls in Nepal where people can go for canyoning. Canyoning is an extreme sport that is popular in Nepal. Canyoning trip involves activities like walking, climbing, jumping, swimming and scrambling. canyoning resembles very technical sport but we are able to design canyoning trips for the visitors.

Jalbire Canyon situated in Chitwan National Park for beginners and for all ages group visitors. Charaundi canyon is located along the silver sandy banks of Trishuli River. Thousands of people go canyoning each year. For visitors, finding new routes can provide the amazing experience that effects body and mind. The lonely Planet already recommended Nepal for continuous and perfect canyoning. There are famous and interesting caves like Cave at Bandipur and cave on the way to most beautiful city Pokhara are the places to be visited and have deep exploration. The trail provides a spectacular view of Annapurna Range with wow scenes of terrace paddy fields and local community and different ethnic groups in the villages.

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