Tailor-Made Nepal Trekking Holidays

Tailor-Made Nepal Trekking Holidays

Do you want to create your own bespoke and unique trekking holiday in Nepal?

We can help you to create your trekking adventure of a lifetime. You may want to choose certain elements of a destination, particular mountain ranges or remote areas, a specific airline, extra time in an area to get to know the local people or visit an historic site...

Our speciality is in creating adaptable, Private Guided or Self-Guided trekking holidays that allow you the freedom and flexibility to travel how, when and where you want to go. You will be unconstrained by the wishes of a group, giving you ultimate choice.

All of our Group Guided Trips are able to be tailored to suit you so these give you an idea of the possibilities and guideline prices, but you are in the driving seat. We're here to help you to arrange a trekking holiday that is right just for you.

Whether you're wishing to trek solo, as a couple or part of a group of friends (perhaps celebrating special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries), challenging or easy, our experienced team are adept at creating holidays especially for people with a keen interest in walking overseas...

Advantages of Tailor Made Tours

There are numerous advantages associated with using tailor made holidays. Depending on an individual tastes and preferences, the holidays will have to differ in one way or the other. Getting a tailor made package for yourself or even for your traveling companions offer both direct and indirect benefits.

1. You have the option of booking everything that has to do with your tour.

2. Flexibility to choose destination of one’ choice, with the destination, you can also select the sightseeing areas.

3. You have the freedom to do whatever you want.

4. you can choose your own duration of stay.

5. Within your specific budget you can get good and proper arrangement of your trip.

6. You can get guide and personalized advice from the experts.

Flexibility, freedom and customization

Flexibility is one of the benefits that one is sure to get as a result of using tailor made holiday packages. There is no reason for one to waste money and time on a holiday that is not what fulfilling. Tailor made holiday packages enables a person or a group of people to choose on everything about the holiday including the destinations, the time to be spend and the costs of the holiday. This enables people to have their holiday budget on check. Secondly, with tailor made holiday packages one has the freedom to choose things like accommodation, means of transportation and even the services. Again, one is able to have individual consultations. This allows an individual to talk to anyone of own choice and hence at times leading to accessing of information that can be useful in getting the best out of a holiday. Finally, with everything arranged before the commencement of the holiday, one is sure to be stress free. One does not have to worry about missing anything out or even overspending as everything is catered for prior to the holiday.

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